I’m an active contributor to San Francisco with several business ventures influencing the lifestyle, health and wellness of individuals in the community.

What I Do
  • Financial Life Planning
  • Small Business Consulting
  • Playwright
  • Restaurateur
  • Visual Art
  • Producer of Plays
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About Me

My primary role is founder and CEO of One Wealth Advisors where we help people simplify their lives and achieve their financial goals through Financial Life Planning.

My other professional involvements include founder and Executive Chairman of Flour + Water Hospitality Group, and Managing Partner of Great Gold Hospitality Group.

The arts and entertainment worlds are particularly important to me, primarily through my work as a Managing Partner of Noise Pop, but I am also a mixed media/collage artist, a producer of several plays, and a playwright.

I am an avid supporter of local arts and cultural organizations through my work on the board of Playground, a non-profit playwright incubator and my work on the advisory board of Zero Food Print, an organization that works with restaurants all over the world that are committed to fighting climate change.

Though my background might suggest my myriad interests are unrelated, everything I do, whether it be professionally or creatively, utilizes the same disciplined approach: working collaboratively with partners and team members, setting clearly defined goals, developing and executing a strategic plan to achieve those goals, and constantly monitoring the results to assure the plan is successful.

In The Press

“For David, opening six acclaimed restaurants in six years in America’s most competitive “foodie” city wasn’t an end — it was the warm-up for embarking on his bigger dream of starting his own RIA — One Wealth Advisors...”

How David Steele opened six restaurants in the toughest foodie market in the US and then found the nerve to leave JP MorganRIA Biz
Founder and CEO

One Wealth Advisors

My primary role is as founder and CEO of One Wealth Advisors where we help people simplify their lives and achieve their financial goals through financial planning and investment management.

We pride ourselves on the deep relationships we build with our clients. We are dedicated to helping them identify and achieve their goals by providing simple, tailored financial solutions that consider all aspects of their lives at any given moment.

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Founder and Managing Partner

Flour + Water Hospitality Group

Flour+Water Hospitality Group is a culture-driven San Francisco-based hospitality and consumer packaged goods company dedicated to creating stand-out culinary experiences that reflect our shared commitment to quality, community/global impact and transparency. We operate Flour+Water, Flour+Water Pasta Shop, Flour + Water Pizzeria, Penny Roma and are partners in Trick Dog, all within SF’s 20th Street corridor between Harrison and Florida Street in the Mission District.

In all we do, we strive to create a meaningful impact on our planet and our community – not just in how we treat our team but also in how we work with our purveyors, neighbors and the hospitality industry. We do this through forward-thinking employment practices, championing small suppliers, creating opportunities for those in our neighborhood, and by promoting and lobbying for meaningful changes in our industry.

Visit the Flour + Water Hospitality Group websiteVisit the Flour + Water Hospitality Group websiteVisit the Flour + Water Foods websiteVisit the Flour + Water Foods website

Great Gold Hospitality Group

Great Gold is a Modern American Italian restaurant in the town of Truckee, which is located in the North Lake Tahoe Area. Our menu is filled with “red sauce” style Italian American comfort classics. All of our pasta is made fresh daily, all produce is sourced from local farmers and our meats are sourced consciously and sustainably.

Our second restaurant is Tangerine Bistro, a classic French bistro in downtown Truckee.  Tangerine is a neighborhood bistro offering classic French food like steak frites, escargots and moules marinieres, paired with a well-edited list of French wines. Tangerine Bistro focuses on serving consistently great traditional food with a lively and unmistakably French atmosphere.

With two restaurants now under our belt, in the years to come, we will continue to try to fill the culinary gaps in Truckee to help make our little town in Tahoe a true food destination!

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Restaurant Consulting

Do you have a dream of opening a restaurant? Flour + Water Hospitality Group brings a depth of expertise and a range of resources to our consulting clients. We provide expertise in many aspects of development and operations to help ensure our clients realize their vision.

Our Consulting Team has over 20 years combined experience in the Bay Area restaurant industry and has successfully helped clients grow their business from inception to fruition. We have helped clients from concept development, restaurant design, financial modeling, menu style and ethos as well as building a brand, training staff on front of house and back of house systems, through to opening day.

Our consulting clients include, Trick Dog, Truckee Tavern, Robin, Comal, Bouche and Urban Putt.

Managing Partner

Noise Pop

Established in San Francisco in 1993, Noise Pop Industries is one of the nation’s leading independent music promoters. Over the last 25 years Noise Pop’s namesake festival has provided exposure to some of the top emerging artists, many of which have gone on to widespread acclaim, including The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, The Flaming Lips, The Shins, Fleet Foxes, Bright Eyes and Yoko Ono. Noise Pop also co-produces the celebrated Treasure Island Music Festival and operates the music venues The Swedish American Hall and Cafe du Nord.  Be on the lookout for several new festivals to be launched in 2018!

Visit the Noise Pop websiteVisit the Noise Pop website
In The Press

“He’s definitely a kind of Renaissance guy, he has his hands in so many different areas,” said Jim Kleinmann, artistic director of PlayGround, a playwright incubator that is helping get Steele’s play staged in the Bay Area next year.”

S.F. money manager-restaurateur-playwright is ‘Renaissance guy’San Francisco Chronicle - September 2015